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a new era of lifelong learning.

The future of learning will be confluence of human creativity and artificial intelligence.
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A team of AI-experts devoted to pedagogy and understanding life long learning.

Daniel Leiker - The future of learning will be the confluence of human creativity and artificial intelligence.

Daniel, an AI in Education pioneer with 15 years in the eLearning industry, specializes in leveraging AI tools for dynamic learning experiences. His work includes award-winning AI courses and large-scale content production, benefiting from partnerships with prestigious institutions like University of London, Coursera, Harvard, and Google.

Examining AI’s educational scope, this study reveals AI-generated synthetic videos rival traditional ones in learning impact and perception, underscoring their potential as a global learning resource.

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Large Language Models (LLMs) are transforming adult education by expediting quality course creation. This study reveals the potential of Generative AI, particularly LLMs, in efficient and accurate asynchronous course development.

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AI course design
Streamlined engaging course creation. Includes course blueprint with video scripts, assessments, and instructional text and readings.
Human-in-the-loop quality assurance
Our SME network will review and approve all AI generated content for quality, clarity, and accuracy.
AI content production
Cost-effective, engaging videos and curated images. AI supported localization in any language.
Research Validation
and (RIO)
Ensuring the efficacy and impact of AI-driven educational innovations.

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